Life is ButtahDream.

I've always loved cake. I mean, who doesn't? Cake is central to every important party or occasion we go to! I've never really like buttercream, though. It was always sickeningly sweet. The ratio to sugar and butter was never right. It melted and fell over. It was too sweet if you added more sugar to make sure it doesn't fall over. Such a conundrum!

So, I worked and worked on this recipe over the years trying to keep the simplicity of an American Buttercream without compromising flavor. Eventually, I found the perfect combination of butter to sugar, vanilla bean and vanilla extract. No artificial ingredients. Just the goodness of our Las Spicy Gorditas' Signature ButtahDream.

Our Buttahdream is the backbone of our cake recipes. It carries the flavors of our pastries, adding a perfectly balanced sweet touch without overwhelming the tastebuds.

Recently, I had the opportunity to really test my ButtahDream flavor and piping skills with our Lovely Llama cake! The above cake actually features our Cream Cheese ButtahDream. I love the crisp lines of the piping. The Buttahdream really held up nicely to the delicate details of Llama's framed face. It's so hard to create cream cheese frosting that will still hold shape.

And fear not, Vegans! There is also Vegan ButtahDream and Vegan Cream Cheese ButtahDream available. The cupcakes pictured below are 100% vegan strawberry angel food cake and vanilla bean Cream Cheese ButtahDream, topped with Chino Farms French Strawberries.

I love our ButtahDream. I hope you try it soon! I promise you'll love it, too!


Vicky - Las Spicy Gordita's SugahFaerie

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