Introducing The Weekly Special!

Welcome to the Las Spicy Gorditas' Weekly Special Blog!!

I guess I should do a quick introduction to ourselves if you're new to our website.

We're Carolyne, Daisy, and Vicky - Las Spicy Gorditas. Vicky and Daisy founded LSG in June after doing some community service during the BLM protests. We saw a community need for good food that would nurture our souls during these tumultuous times. We originated by delivering meals and sweets to those who were unable to leave their houses during the pandemic.

We quickly grew from just meal kits to doing pop-up catering and lunches and from there we were invited to pop up with our sweet treats at the Knotty Brewing Co. on Market Street! That's when Carolyne joined us and began our lovely coffee and tea program. We've been at the Knotty Brewing location since November, and our cookies and small take away treats are still available there.

Now, the purpose of this blog is to help highlight our weekly specials at the brewery and make them available on our website. This is super exciting because we will also be offering delivery again in the very near future! We'll have full details coming soon.

In other news, you're going to be able to find Las Spicy Gorditas at local outdoor markets soon. Our first market event will be at the 2169 Julian Avenue Pop Up event, April 18th 12-5 PM, featuring our empanadas and gorditas, plus other savory treats by Chef Daisy.

And now, finally, our weekly specials!!

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